I hope you enjoy your stay.


It is a large marine blue pool where the sea breeze of Nanki drifts comfortably, and both adults and children can enjoy the cool breeze spreading their wings.
(summer business)


The homemade bread baked in the cafe 'Café de Bale' on the 1st floor.
For breakfast, you can have fragrant freshly baked bread. May your day begin in a pleasant morning!
Great as a gift for your friends.


Banquet hall

For dinner, we have local menu such as domestic beef sukiyaki hot pot, Kishu ume jidori hot pot and Kishu Susami town Inobuta hot pot. Please enjoy the taste unique to Wakayama.
In addition, according to the season, we offer meals that meet your needs.

※If you make a reservation by the day before, we will serve sashimi boat using local fresh fish for an additional charge.


In addition to goods that children can enjoy, we have Manga, TV game, and board game.
Enjoy a fulfilling time with your family.


We have karaoke rooms equipped with full-fledged karaoke equipment.

Share cycle「COGI COGI」

We have introduced the Share cycle 「COGI COGI」.
There is a port in the parking lot on the hotel annex side.
For the latest information such as details, please check our hotel announcement.
For consignment, in case of trouble or breakdown, please contact the following.

Theatre room

The inside is a relaxing space where you can take off your shoes and watch the bean cushion on the backrest on a large screen.
We also have a large number of animations and new works for children.

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