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A hot spring resort hotel
in a quiet villa area in Nanki Shirahama
opens in full renewal.

Reborn from the Newport Club, the ALAISE DE BALE・SHIRAHAMA has a spacious front when you open the large wooden door.
The staff who will help you on your trip will meet you. Please feel free to ask about travel plans and tourist information. On a sunny day, the blue sky and deep green give moisture to your senses.
Please relax away from the daily hustle and bustle.

The tiredness of the trip in Shirahama Onsen

You can refresh your mind and body by soaking in the hot spring of Nanki Shirahama of Shirahama Onsen, Bijin no Yu that has been handed down from the ancient times.
We also have a family bath where you can enjoy your private time with your family.

The morning I wake up with
the smell of freshly baked bread.

Please enjoy freshly baked bread carefully selected by the chef for a refreshing morning.

A place where you can relax alone or
with your family

The clean room is provided at a reasonable price in both Japanese and Western style rooms.
It can be used by one person, a couple, or a family of up to 5 people according to the style you want.

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